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  • Things You Should Know About Reflective Vests

    Today, being fit and healthy is a new mantra of a happy and successful life; and hence personal safety should be given a high priority. For that matter, also in our day-to-day life, we might have come across many people working in the field of transportation, administration, construction, sanitation, etc. who risk their lives due to their professional demand. For that matter, different types of safety clothes are currently being manufactured and distributed; which can offer personal safety in different environments, such as but not limited to Red Safety Reflective Vests.

    In this regard, the current write up is intended to make our readers aware of safety reflective vests, their exact functions, and advantages of the same.

    What is the difference between reflective vests and regular vests? The reflective vests differ from their regular counterparts in the pattern and safety guidelines that they have to follow. Accordingly, the reflective vests are prepared using reflective strips that are fixed either through sewing and/or through hot stamping on the clothes. Further to this, these reflective strips are coated with several glass particles that are densely packed; also commonly known as glass beads. Effectively, when these glass beads are illuminated with a beam of light through any angle of reflection; a person wearing the same is easily visible, even in the dark background; due to the high refraction index of the glass. As explained earlier, functionally reflective clothing helps offer a high degree of personal protection; especially in the high-risk professions, like traffic police, sanitation workers, construction sites, etc. so that they should be visible even during odd working hours.

    On a general note, reflective vests commonly available in the market are made up of almost 120 g fabric, which is fluorescent yellow and/or orange, easy to wash, and dry; to fulfill a variety of professional demands.

    Thus, considering their functional importance; it is always advisable to choose the right one depending upon your professional demands. As the market is currently flooded with several manufacturers, who are currently sailing on the same boat; thus, it is very important to get the best out of it at a reasonable price. Thus, it is always better to look for the five things, mentioned herewith:

    Material Quality: Choose a light material that is breathable as well as can be used throughout the year. Experts are proposing the use of lightweight, easy to wash fabric that is less than 100g; to ensure versatility and high performance.

    Bright Colors: While buying new safety vests for yourself and/or your teammates; the material has to be bright in color that is breathable as well. As the color has a leading role. It is further advised that one should always choose a color from neon family safety vests.

    Guidelines and Standards: It is always better to purchase safety clothes, approved by regulatory authorities. When in doubt, people always prefer to purchase bunny suits sterilized by proper authorities, such as ANSI standards.

    Reflectivity: Reflective clothes are always preferred, during winters.