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  • Safety gadgets and safety wears are a must to have while working in certain industry. Certain fields like chemical outlets, factories, road etc. require specific safety wears as these areas are high risk areas. One of the most commonly found and yet essential one is High Visibility Vests that are used in all major parts of the world as a safety and precautionary measure.

    It is essential to improve visibility and therefore prevents injuries and accidents. These are also known as hi-vis vest and are appropriate for all kinds of working environment. Reflective Vests India have years of expertise in production and delivery of such safety essentials and they deliver to clients across the globe.

    High Visibility Vests can be used in both day time as well as night time and these are standard garments used for preventing injuries to the person who wears it. All the safety equipments need to follow certain standards and must adhere to quality checks before getting delivered in the market. At Reflective India Vests, all safety accessories are designed and developed in accordance with the standard guidelines hence they are safe to use produced. Also, these products can be customised as per the client requirement.

    Each of the product is designed to meet the challenging environment where it can be used. There are a wide range of products available under the company label which includes the likes of reflective safety vests, reflective safety vests contrast reflective tape, reflective cross belts, reflective safety vest multi opening, reflective trims and many more. The guidelines are standards prescribed by EN 471 are strictly obeyed by the staff here. The materials used in production is also of high export quality which can be polyester, nylon, mesh, PU coated and cotton which are sourced from reliable sources and vendors. The High Visibility Vests come with retro reflective stripes which makes vision even more clear in the dark.

    Every product undergoes multiple quality checks before getting delivered and hence the company has been able to secure a genuine place among clients from across the globe. As such safety vests are used in multiple industries, they need to be no less than the best quality. There are different kinds of High Visibility Vests available in the market today that can be used under extreme hazardous conditions.

    The vests are more commonly used by police and fire force department and many times by different construction workers. Therefore, the garment must be specific to the industry it is intended to be used. The company provides for economical and cost-effective safety solutions to different types of industry without compromising on the overall quality of the end product. Safety vests can be customised and they come in different forms as well. Full sleeves, short sleeves, different lengths and one with different prints are all available with the company.

    The quality of the raw materials as well as the end product is that of export quality, hence the client base spreads across different parts of the world. For any kind of safety equipments and reflective vests of different types, this is undoubtedly a one stop destination.