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  • Reflective clothing: Everything you need to understand

    It has been quite apparent that the professionals, who work on the streets or are professionally exposed to traffic or construction equipment’s need to wear reflective safety vests; in accordance with the guidelines ensuring safety.
    However, in day to day lifestyle it is also very important that the school children together go out on excursions or family outing need security reflective vests as well; in order to be safe as well as easily traceable.
    Read on further to know more about children’s reflective safety garments; and its further importance when going out with group of children.

    The European standards
    Recently, European standards for high visibility clothing have been proposed and implemented; according to which, the clothing can further be divided into three categories, such as:

    Class 1: - For trousers, lowest levels of visibility are being applicable with integration of around two 5 cm bands around each leg.
    Class 2: - This can be referred to be as the intermediary level of visibility; and is generally being identified as the most preferred level. The primary features of the safety vests are two 5 cm reflective bands around the body along with braces on both the shoulders. This will add impact on the visibility of the entire body.
    Class 3: - This type of dressing offers the highest range of visibility and is applicable for professionals who are working on the danger zones. It is characterized with the high clothing features containing around 5 cm reflective bands around the body, shoulders as well as arms.
    Experts have further advised that while deciding which class of clothing is necessary to allow complete safety of your children, when out for excursions and school picnic; it is important to consider all the functions of the clothing.

    Exercise has become an activity with people who are becoming more focused on their health, and they often start biking or walking routine to improve their overall well being. Using these vests helps to enhance the probabilities they will be seen by drivers, just as the road crews who clean-up highways. Mountain climbers and remote camping enthusiasts started wearing these vests to help boost the probability of search and rescue teams finding them, in the case of a critical.

    History of Reflective Clothing
    The first ever jacket for children offering safety through reflection came into existence in the UK by about 1964. These jackets were primarily tested by railway workers in Glasgow, for their feasibility, safety and user-friendliness.

    In the subsequent years, two important legislations were passed, such as Health and safety at work and Personal protective equipment’s at work act. These acts were implemented by the government to allow complete protection and safety of the workers, when attending duty.

    Over the period of years, these high visibility jackets have evolved in terms of their designs, material as well as costing. Currently, essential safety clothing can be used for number of applications and are being widely acknowledged especially by kids for being easily available, light weight and safety.

    How these clothing can save lives?
    It is extremely important for children to wear high vest Reflective Clothing, especially when being escorted on a class field trip. The safety of the children can be ensured through easy spotting, prevent potentially hazardous area, such as sea, horse-riding etc. Variety of colors is present available and children can happily choose depending upon their liking and/or inclination.