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Safety Vests for Different Industries

  • Safety is one of the main concerns of any kind of industries which cannot be compromised at all. The hazardous situation mostly arises in industries pertaining to chemicals, or road safety among other fields. To combat these challenges, employers must seek certain preventive measures including proper equipment’s, and appropriate safety wears for each and every employee. Irrespective of the nature of job, it should be a mandate to use certain safety gears while working under extreme conditions. Read further to know more about industry guidelines and procedures for employee safety.

    Classification of reflective vests

    Security Reflective Vests are one of the most common safety wears that are used in multiple applications and industries. As the name suggests, it has a reflective material that can act as an indicator and hence some of the dangers can be avoided. The raw material and other components used in the manufacturing process may vary in grade and quality, hence one should choose the most appropriate ones. As per every other green safety vest suppliers, safety vests can be classified into following classes or categories:

    • • Type O safety vests – These kinds of vests are used majorly for non roadways occupational purpose. This type includes class 1 safety vests
    • • Type R safety vests – This category is specific to roadways occupation and includes class 2 and class 3 safety vests
    • • Type P safety vests – These safety wears are used for law enforcement or first responders. This includes class 2 and class 3 safety vests
    Usually, all safety vests use fluorescent coloured material including yellow, green, or orange red. This raw material are retro reflective materials that have capability to reflect light back to its source. To enhance the performance, a safety vest utilises a fluorescent material with high reflective value, so that it can be visible even from a distance.

    Reflective Safety Vests India manufacturer

    Reflective safety vests India is one of the leading producers and exporters of high-grade quality reflective T shirt in Mumbai. The company has multiple products and safety vests that are specific for every industry and application. The team here understands the fact that every industry has its drawbacks even in terms of its security features. Often the factory workers or roadway labourers are made to work for long hours under critical conditions. All these paves way for several hazardous situations at time, especially during the night. To be visible in the night, it is mandatory to wear an appropriate vest that can signal the person or vehicle and alert them of the presence of a work ahead.

    To select an appropriate safety vest, one needs to understand the types and classes as listed above. The next step is to understand the visibility at the work site according to which an ideal material can be selected. To differentiate between various categories of work and labours, it is suggested to define a specific colour for the industry. If the working environment is yellow or green, then probably a yellow vest won’t fulfil the purpose. Safety concerns are of utmost priority and hence the team here is ready to design and develop the most appropriate one for you.